365 Monsters Days 38 – 44

Day 38 – 02/26/12 – Comic Book Worm

Pen & Paper

I decided for something cute, but didn’t have a whole lot of time, and thus the comic book worm is born. Such a happy little worm…

Day 39 – 02/27/12 – Eyesenhower

Prismacolor Pencils

It has been a long┬átime since I’ve gotten out my Prismacolors, and I was excited to use them again. I was a little less excited though when the leads of all of the colors I wanted to use kept breaking. Hardly a surprise though, this box of colored pencils has travelled with me through probably 8 different moves, if not more. I also need a better pencil sharpener.

But the monster was still fun to make!

Day 40 – 02/28/12 – Monster Totem


Day 40 in the book said to work with yarn. And as I’ve been knitting up a storm on my Catkin project, I decided to break out my crochet hook and some scrap yarn and start hooking! I started working in a circle while watching Castle, and worked increases and decreases evenly around until it looked roughly like this. Completely freehand. Largest non-temporary monster yet!

Day 41 – 02/29/12 – Terrorist

Pen & Paper

Day 41 said to make something larger than it normally would be, and as I was once again strapped for time, I scribbled out an ant-esque beast terrorizing a city.

Day 42 – 03/01/12 – Domo Bracelet

“Friendship Thread”

Okay, so this was a really big cheater move here. First, I apparently can’t read, because I was trying to emulate day 43’s prompt (Learn something new). Also, I totally made this piece of bracelet a few days earlier. And, it’s not a finished piece. In fact, on Saturday I completely undid all the knots because I wanted to start over and make the knots tighter and more uniform, etc. etc.

BUT I did see the unfinished piece laying on my desk and go “Ooh, that would make a good monster!” despite all of the evidence against it!

Day 43 – 03/02/12 – Sir Mix-A-Lot


This mixer has been tucked away in a corner for a while. Chu wanted to use it to improve on his croissant-making endeavors (more on that later), but this beast needs a bit of TLC before it’ll work quite right. No mater though. It can be a temporary gentlemanly monster hat stand for a while.

Day 44 – 03/03/12 – Eeevil Pilot Fish

Pen & Junk Mail

Day 42’s real┬áprompt was to use junk mail, and day 44’s prompt was to make something that light’s up. I didn’t realize that I had accomplished both until after the monster was done. Go Go Fish Monster! (Monster’s name is a nod to the great Eddie Izzard. Go look it up)

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