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365 Monsters Days 31 – 37

Day 31 – 02/19/12 – Sunday Slug

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)


Sunday was a very good day for me. In fact it was such a good day that I completely forgot to make a monster.

Day 32 – 02/20/12 – Monday Slug

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)

And so on Monday, when I woke up in my typical Monday fury, I realized that I had forgotten to make Sunday’s monster, and went further into my fury. So after work I set about making two very contrasting slugs: the Sunday Slug, which shows how slow yet happy Sunday was, and then the Monday Slug, showing how utterly crushed I was when I realized that it was Monday and I had to go back to work.

Day 33 – 02/21/12 – My Little Snake Monster

Pen & Paper

This monster just kindof showed up out of nowhere while I was sitting bored out of my desk. Channeling monsters now, am I?

Day 34 – 02/22/12 – Slinky

Pen & Paper

Day 34 was pegged for working with wire, but I spent the entire evening working with my neice, teaching her to crochet. So once I finally got home, I scribbled this guy down as I stumbled to bed.

Day 35 – 02/23/12 – Wires



AHA, day 34 was to work with wire, so as soon as I got the chance (while catching up with an episode of Castle) I started straightening paper clips. I then got to work assembling this thing, and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. But I did it anyway. He’s got a curly head and tail, and six legs, and only stands up right if you put him -just so-, but hey, wire figures and their shadows look pretty spiffy!

Day 36 – 02/24/12 – Instructor

Pen & Paper, written instructions

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in making your own monster with these instructions without knowing what it looks like first, scroll down slowly, and do each step as you come to it!

1. Draw a circle big enough to be a monster face!
2. Draw a line horizontally through the center of the circle, and extend it to one side about the width of another circle.
3. On the line inside the circle, draw two triangles.
4. Draw two dots above the points of the triangles, but still inside the circle.
5. Draw two more dots between the first two, equally spaced.
6. On the line outside the circle, draw 7 upward facing triangles.
7. Draw a line going straight down from the horizontal line, starting between the 2nd and 3rd triangles from the end, and ending about half a circle-width lower than the bottom of the circle.
8. Draw a matching line straight down from between the 4th and 5th triangles.
9. Again, another vertical line from between the 6th and 7th triangles.
10. Draw one more vertical line starting on the edge of the circle below the corner of the interior triangle closest to the exterior triangles.
11. Draw a small square at the bottom of each of the vertical lines.


Writing instructions was day 35’s prompt, but It got pushed back by wire monster’s tardiness. Chu’s monster is on the left, following my instructions. My monster, on the right, is the one I based the instructions off of.

Day 37 – 02/25/12 –

Pen & Paper

And then I channeled Picasso.

Not sure what’s going on? Check out my 365 Monsters Intro as well as the Make Something 365 Blog for more information and inspiration of your own!

365 Monsters Days 24 – 30

Day 24 – 02/12/12 – Foamy


Another trip to Cafe Dodici in Washington, IA, this time for brunch. I found this beast in the bubbles left over in my brother-in-law’s cider glass.

Day 25 – 02/13/12 – Mini monsters

Plastic #6


Today is for Shrinky Dinks! I wasn’t sure how edges would be handled during the shrinking process, so I made two: one with sharp pointy bits, and one with a rounded border. When I was cutting the mouth out of the sharp one, it made a huge tear into its face, which initially made me sad. But I shrunk it anyway, and I’m really happy with the result. It reminds me of the death gods in Death Note…

Day 26 – 02/14/12 – Vigne Snatcher

Polymer Clay (Fimo & Sculpey)


Make something portable. I decided it was time to make something with a purpose this time around. And so, I made a coaster. With feet. I had been pretty pleased with the Vorpal Snatcher (Day 15), and the form lent itself well to a coaster. The feet were short and sturdy, and it was already round, so why not?

I made the disk and lightly baked it so it would stay flat and could handle being mushed on as I added appendages. The red Fimo and white Sculpey didn’t want to stick to each other very well, but they seem to be holding up ok since baking them. Overall: fairly sturdy coaster.

Day 27 – 02/15/12 – Yarn-a-pillar


I really wasn’t feeling very well, so I grabbed a few things that were lying on my desk and assembled this temporary creature. Featured is a skein of Caron Simply Soft and a stitch marker and interchangeable needle set from Knit Picks.

Day 28 – 02/16/12 – Parrot-Saurus

Plastic #6


Tonight was another Shrinky Dink night. No mishaps in cutting tonight and all spikes intact. He had already gotten the name Parrot Saurus because of the bright coloring and long tail, but I was extra amused when I realized he had shrunk to just the right size to sit on his own shoulder!

Day 29 – 02/17/12 – Raptori


An overwhelming Friday led me to want to burn stuff. I found that woodburning is quite therapeutic. As long as you don’t burn yourself. (I didn’t burn myself.)

Day 30 – 02/18/12 – Transformer



Chu and I invited a bunch of friends up for a game night, and before they left I had them help me with the prompt: Play with toys. I don’t have a whole lot of toys, so I was going to make an assembly out of large stuffed animals, but then I remembered that one of my friends carries around at least one Transformers figurine with her at all times. She had 4 (but one was breaking so I didn’t want to use it), and I had one of those pin thingies that Chu and I won at an arcade. If you squint you can kindof see the bottom two figures make a heroic looking robot, and the top figure makes… I don’t know… a hat blowing off in the wind?

Not sure what’s going on? Check out my 365 Monsters Intro as well as the Make Something 365 Blog for more information and inspiration of your own!

365 Monsters Days 17 – 23

Day 17 – 02/05/12 – Plushie Gangster Monster

Recycled Shirt


This was made from less than one sleeve of an extra large shirt I got for surviving one summer of detassling corn. Naturally I want nothing to do with this shirt (or the smaller identical shirt I got because they had extras), so the neon yellow atrocity went straight into my fabric bin. I almost learned how to adjust the tension on my sewing machine because it kept trying to eat the fabric, but I forgot where the knob was until after the photo shoot. (Hint: it’s in the picture on the left, right above the needle.) I also didn’t think to add the features before sewing the front and back together, but in retrospect, that was probably a good idea, since stitching through all the poly-fill gave the face a little more dimension. Nyeh, see? Nyeh!

Day 18 – 02/06/12 – Bra Bug Chu

. . .


In which my husband turns an old bra into eyes. He is the genius behind this one. I just insisted that photos be taken and put up on the blog. Because I’m an awesome wife like that.

Day 19 – 02/07/12 – Flott

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)


The prompt for day 19 was to make something that floats. This immediately reminded me of this infuriating 8th grade science project where we had to make a boat of modeling clay that would hold 10 or more pennies without sinking. I was not one of the victors of this project. However, I do know that larger surface area means a wider distribution of weight, etc etc, and so I built this guy like a flat bottom boat. The boueys are unnecessary, but i thought he needed a little something extra to make him look like more than a worm in a bowl. Not my pride and joy, but a success in polymer clay floating.

Day 20 – 02/08/12 – Snorkle

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)


Much cuter, and quite boyant. This guy features innards made of aluminum foil. I built a mini armature as a way of using less clay and hopefully causing some floating, and success happened! He’s not an olympic swimmer, but he’s definitely not a sinker!

Day 21 – 02/09/12 – Gargoyle Bead

Polumer Clay (Sculpey)


One thing that’s been rolling around in the back of my head has been making stitch markers for knit and/or crochet. Going along with this, I decided to try a bit of bead making. Super simple, and maybe a little large for stitch markers, but a good first step. The cones are “supposed” to be claw or fangs, but they’re mostly just cones. I’m pretty pleased with the face though!

Day 22 – 02/10/12 – Bernie

Wood burning

I went to Michaels looking for more Sculpey, since I’m starting to run low on some of my colors, and just around the corner from the clays I found the wood burning department. Man, I haven’t done wood burning since I was 10. Or younger. I needed this. The pen I got came with 4 nibs, three of which are used here. I look forward to experimenting more with this medium!

Day 23 – 02/11/12 – Can-O-Lantern



Today’s prompt was to use something from the recycling bin. A simple attack with a kitchen knife mauled this can of Blue Sky Cream Soda (mmmm) into a deformed and angry looking Can-O-Lantern.

Not sure what’s going on? Check out my 365 Monsters Intro as well as the Make Something 365 Blog for more information and inspiration of your own!

365 Monsters Days 10 – 16

Day 10 – 01/29/12 – Walterbeast


Usually my watercolors are a little more subdued, but this time around my monster begged for some brighter colors. The paper is really old, it used to be part of my great grandmother’s stash of art supplies. I probably didn’t even need to stain the paper before beginning, but the warp adds character!

Day 11 – 01/30/12 – Right Hand Monster

Pen & Paper


I can’t tell if this is amusing or depressing- I started with the one on the right, with my right hand. Then I drew a duplicate with my left hand. I much prefer the one on the right, but the funny thing is I’m left handed! I’ve obviously practiced too much drawing with my right hand for this exercise to work properly. My handwriting, however, fails in both hands…

Day 12 – 01/31/12 – Kroglodon

Pen & paper

I was again feeling a little uninspired, and as the book suggested camouflage, I decided I would use lots and lots of triangles to hide a monster… then promptly got bored and decided to make it trippy with odd circles. A little disappointing, but with a little refinement (and a ruler), Kroglodon could be a pretty vicious monster!

Day 13 – 02/01/12 – Piinchii

Pen & paper


I didn’t have a whole lot of free time, so Piinchii monster was just a quick exercise in monstrous cuteness.

Day 14 – 02/02/12 – Virucus

Polymer clay (Fimo)


This is the first clay piece I’ve made with already having a set idea in mind. The book suggested making something microscopic, something you’d need a magnifying glass to see. Well, this model of a beast may fit comfortably in my hand, but it is the likeness of a horrible monster that feeds on stomach juices. What an evil little virus…

Day 15 – 02/03/12 – The Vorpal Snatcher

Polymer clay (Fimo)


This bizarre little creature devours people whole- but where to? This little guy is almost done eating his latest meal, an unsuspecting passer-by who was snatched!

I was originally going to make a bacteria to go along with yesterday’s virus, but I got bored and this guy emerged instead. Quite the stretch…

Day 16 – 02/04/12 – The Pigmy Spot

Polymer Clay (Fimo)


This guy’s a little less vicious than yesterday’s monster, a little more stable than a few of the recent models and has the smallest, cutest little detail of all my clay models so far: a little bitty tongue! I squealed probably a little more than I should have when I realized how adorable that tongue really was. And the fact that it didn’t get lost when smashing pieces together? Ultra Bonus.

Hoping next week to experiment with some other media, or at least getting some tools to use with the fimo so I can make more intricate designs. Sturdier paperclip supports. Trimmer nails. Nails grow too fast for avid clay molding.

More monsters next Sunday!

Not sure what’s going on? Check out my 365 Monsters Intro as well as the Make Something 365 Blog for more information and inspiration of your own!

365 Monsters Days 3 – 9

Day 3 – 1/22/12 – Exo-Urchins

Construction paper and scissors


These guys went through a few different phases in my head before coming out just about perfect. They were going to be spikey all around until I remembered I’m not that skilled in cutting spikes into circles. Then the spikey bits were going to be on top until I decided they were wearing helmets… or exoskeletons! My favorites are the two on the right because they look so disgruntled and spazzy. I only wish I had made the whole thing small enough to fit on my scanner (or that I had a larger flatbed scanner tucked away somewhere).

Day 4 – 1/23/12 – Water Soluble Monster Ghost

Ink on skin


Tonight I decided to try out a more temporary art… I drew this beast on my hand, then promptly scurried off to do a load of dishes. The water may have vanquished him, but his ghost still haunts my skin…

Day 5 – 1/24/12 – Monster of the Wood (Winds)



By the Book, Day 5 suggests making something out of something you collect. While it’s not exactly a collection per se, I do have a lot of instruments. Featured here are: a recorder, a silver flute, a fife, a harmonica, and two ocarinas serving as horns. The framing for the face is the sheet music stand. And yes, mother, I’m being very careful with your flute. I’ll start practicing more again soon!

Day 6 – 1/25/12 – Dodici Monster(s)



Chu and I went to Cafe Dodici in Washington, Iowa for dinner, so naturally I decided to play with my food. Without completely mauling everything, I turned our bruschetta appetizer into a butterfly-esque…thing. I then turned my salad into a leafy beast with cucumbers for eyes and croutons for teeth. Chu joined in the fun by carving away at his pannacotta to make a little face!

Though the pictures don’t really do the food justice (I swear my phone could have probably done a better job than trying to be discreet with my little camera and not freak out the other customers), Cafe Dodici is always an enjoyable place. It is by far one of my favorite restaurants in the region!

Day 7 – 01/26/12 – Reversi

Polymer Clay (Fimo)


In which I learn that Fimo is much more of a hassle than Sculpey. It is a lot crumblier than Sculpey, and it doesn’t blend together very well. As you can see on the first picture, adding a white piece to a white piece still leaves a seam if i don’t work at it really hard (you can still see a bit of a seam on the top of the black head too).

BUT I do really like this little guy. He went through a couple phases as well, including having a really coily body, but it wasn’t quite sturdy enough. The idea to make him reversible wasn’t even an original thought; it came after I constructed the head (everything but the horns) and flipped it over. He mostly hangs out white side up since it’s a little more stable, but I think both ways look adorable!

Day 8 – 01/27/12 – Squinty

SQUINT cards

Feeling a little less inspired this evening, I pulled out my game of Squint and started arranging cards into this alien-esque beast. Despite getting the game a few months ago, we still haven’t had a chance to play it, so it was nice to pull it out to use it for something, even if it wasn’t the fast-paced pictionary that it’s meant for!

Day 9 – 01/28/12 – Ceph

Polymer clay (Fimo)


Today I learned that vinyl covered paper clips are not very hard at all to strip. I needed something to support this guy in the oven because he certainly wouldn’t support himself, and I really wanted him to wear his little swirlygig hat, so upside-down baking was not an option. I was also very pleased to see that the paperclip did not fuse itself to the clay. Bonuses all around!  Today’s monster was inspired by a Buddha’s Hand we saw at the grocery store today. I snapped a shot of Chu being a Buddha’s Hand monster, but I decided it didn’t count, so I decided to make something with tentacles in honor of it.


9 days down, 357 to go! More monsters next Sunday!

365 Monsters Days 1 – 2


Day 1 – 01/20/12 – Tuskie

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)

I had no idea what I was doing when I started this one, and I also have not had a whole lot of good results with polymer clay in the past. But I decided I would give it another shot. It started with the tail, then the body, lower jaw, tusks, back of the head, upper jaw, eyes, and spots. So as a true monster, he looks like none of his parts really match. Perfect!

Things I learned about working with polymer clay:
Make sure your hands are really clean so you don’t get dust and dirt in your clay.
Trim your nails.
Kneading clay straight from the package hurts!


Day 2 – 01/21/12 – Oulson

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)


Taking my own advice from day 1, I made sure my hands were much cleaner and my nails were trimmed. I rolled a bit of the off-white and chocolate color together, made some pointed ears, and started adding appendages (two curly tails and two monster claws) for support. Day 2 = Success!

I think I’ve had enough good results with this stuff (read: not burning them) to pursue it further and invest in a few clay tools. I hope also that throughout the year I figure out where that sweetspot is on my camera’s macro setting so things stop coming out blurry!

More monsters next week!


365 – An Intent to Participate

NO excuses. Zip, zero, nada. The neglect of this poor blog is shameful to say the least. Barely one post in almost a year? I thought I had so much more promise than that.

Well NO MORE I say! This past year has been so full of ups and downs, inspirations and depressions, entrepreneurial endeavors and weddings… my goodness it’s almost a miracle that none of it ended up here. But now… Now I have the key.

I recently came across the book 365 – A Daily Creativity Journal, and promptly decided to take it up on its challenge. It was an easy and quick decision to do so, though it was not met without a little uncertainly.

You see, things are quite hectic at the moment, maybe a little more-so than at other times I would have used that phrase. In addition to a full time job that was launched into pure insanity, I am partaking in in an online weekly survivor-style writing competition in which I have miraculously survived 9 straight weeks. I’m also building a website for a puppetry “troupe” that I am a part of, and I’m trying to build a website for Chu’s croissant business. And I’m trying to keep on top of cleaning for our apartment which is compounded upon by said business still living in our kitchen. All of this, including the insanity at work, is burning with creative energy and time consumption… and I decide to do a daily creativity project?

Well yeah. Why not? Through all of my responsibilites, as fun as some of them are, I still don’t feel like I’m doing what I want to be doing. And I really truly feel that through realizing that I can stick with something completely fueled on my own drive, and make something worth-while on not a whole lot of time per day, I can certainly convince myself that the drive it takes to start on the road towards true translation can’t be that far off.


So it is with this post that I declare my intent to participate in the 365 Project* this year. Expect to see monsters, unless I change my mind.


*Since this year is a leap year, it will actually be the 366 Project, but I’ll still call it the 365 Project for consistency’s sake. I haven’t quite decided on my start date, but expect to see some monsters popping up no later than early February.