3KCBWDAY3 – Your Knitting and Crochet Hero!

Okay… Maybe it’s time you met the real genius behind all of my fiber arts endeavors. Too long have I boasted these skills and hogged the spotlight from the one who truly deserves this honor.

I would like to introduce you to the true yarnie here at Frog Soup:


Bunny has been with me for years, and through thick and thin, he has whipped out the hooks and needles and produced some masterful works of art. See how he shows off his work, completely without shame! He’s such a ham!

Here he is with his most recent work in progress: the Catkin. Yes, he is the creator of that as well. I am but a shadow to his mastery of the needles.

He certainly is making a lot of progress since last time we talked about the Catkin! Go Bunny Go!

Bunny, you are my hero.

This has been a post celebrating the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.

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