365 Monsters Days 45 – 51

Day 45 – 03/04/12 – Mintalope


Girl Scout cookies are unavoidable. Earlier this month, Chu and I were accosted by a troupe that had set up a stand right in the entry way of our local grocery store. As we continued to do our shopping, we became aware that their repetitive chant imploring folks to buy their delicious wares started sounding more and more like demonic robots, or like something resembling Chucky.

But I digress. My favorite cookies are Thin Mints, and when I was done with the box, I cut out shapes, mostly on predetermined “lines” on the photo of the excited zip-lining girl (JEALOUS, by the way. I’m pretty sure the packaging hasn’t changed in the past 15 years, but I sure never got to go zip-lining in Girl Scouts!) and, well, made a Mintalope.

Day 46 – 03/05/12 – The Winter Games Puppet


Day 46 in the book suggests using a face. Well, most of my monsters have faces, but none where the eyes are made from parts of a game controller! Featured here are key parts of my winter wardrobe: the orange cowl (thanks to my mother-in-law for the great Christmas gift!), and the green hat (one of my first completed knits)… and an XBox 360 controller for eyes. I must have been channeling my inner puppeteer.

Day 47 – 03/06/12 – Pizza & Cheesy … Exo-Urchin?


I can’t help playing with my food, so my pizza turned itself into a greasy version of Day 3’s Exo-Urchins.

Day 48 – 03/07/12 – Flow-rar!

Paper plate

A day late, day 47 suggests using flowers, so I made a flower- a hungry flower!

Day 49 – 03/08/12 – Pushme

Push pins on cork board

The book suggests using a lot of something. I have a lot of push pins, in a lot of colors. This certainly isn’t all of them, but I didn’t want to completely mutilate my new cork board all at once.

Day 50 – 03/09/12 – Origami Monster


Day 50: Mimimalist. Origami. Youtube instructions: here.

Day 51 – 03/10/12 – Arachyute

Polymer Clay (Sculpey)

Day 50’s task was to make something cute from something that’s normally not cute. So I took the most not-cute subject matter I could find (spider) and make it at least not terrifying. Today I wanted to try out some translucent clay that I got last time I was out clay shopping. So after making a test piece, i decided that it definitely wouldn’t be clear eyeballs for my spider, but I realized pretty quickly that it would be a way of making the green (which is ridiculously hard to work with) much more malleable. And when put beside the slug from the last time I used this color, it gives off a nice neon sheen.

Not sure what’s going on? Check out my 365 Monsters Intro as well as the Make Something 365 Blog for more information and inspiration of your own!

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