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As I said earlier this month, my mother-in-law purchased a house and we started work on “renovating” it, though it doesn’t need much work. Mostly we just painted all of the rooms (which is still a work in progress) and started getting the basement ready for installing a commercial kitchen.

Since we have until the end of the month, and we need to use our apartment kitchen for baking as long as possible, we’ve decided to take our time with moving. Most of what we’ve been putting in has been new furniture that we got because our furniture collection thus far has consisted mainly of “We need more storage? GET MORE BOOKSHELVES!!” Consignment shops have been our friend this month.

Last night, though, we finally brought in our first load of “STUFF” and unpacked it. We strategically brought in the entertainment center and bookshelves so we could put up our games and books and take the boxes back. As far as unpacking goes, those are kindof the easiest things out there to unpack. I really hope unpacking everything else goes just as smoothly.

It feels really nice to have moved the first load of boxes over. Like our stuff is migrating and we can actually see a difference in the apartment which helps motivate to continue the packing ad nauseum. Our internet is getting switched over tonight, so we’re going to be focusing on the office and my studio this evening.

Hee, I’m gonna have a studio. Man this is exciting!

P.S. Here is something that is not in my studio, but is totally awesome. Most of these games have yet to be played, and as evident by all the shiny reflecty-bits, are still in their original plastic. What this means is that we are going to have a lot of fun playing new games after we get settled. Aww yeah.


Good gracious, it’s June already? Where has the time gone! I have been shuffling around a few post ideas but they all keep getting pushed back for one reason or another, but mostly due to sheer lack of free time. I do have an update on the elusive Catkin, but no time or space for a good round of photos (or finishing the row I’m on) and I’m trying to crank out pictures for Illustration Friday, and I most certainly haven’t forgotten about the monsters! So what is this major timesink that has befallen me? Well, the answer is threefold.

First, we have just closed in on our first month of the outdoor Farmer’s Market. It has been indoors all winter, which is a much smaller crowd and so baking and preparing take up much less time in the cooler months. But with the beginning of May came the beginning of off-the-walls dough making and peparing and hours upon hours of baking. On top of our full time jobs, Chu and I spend a great deal of our nights and weekends making real genuine croissants to blow the minds of the bizarrely multicultural population in this little Southeast Iowa town.

The second thing that is distracting from the bloggy mayhem is puppet practice. Yes. Puppets. I’ve been part of a puppet… troupe?… for a couple years now, and for the most part, we just practice, and it’s a lot of fun! But this summer we have 2 huuuge projects going on. One is more adult-themed filler type material for a documentary with a bunch of big name people like Oprah. No I haven’t met any of these people, but it’s pretty wild thinking that we’re going to be in a “Real Movie.” AND we’re doing the shoot next weekend! The other project is much more in the vein of what we normally work on, and involves puppets that look all excitable like this:

Super totally excited for all of this, but again, my only time to do puppetry is after work!

The final thing that has been filling up my time (and more importantly my brainspace) is an ultra awesome HOUSE that we are going to move into this month! We have been trying to mentally prepare for this for a while, and now we’re trying to physically prepare for it. Next week we are planning on painting every single room on the main floor. And more importantly, we are working on setting up a full fledged and certified kitchen in the basement, so all that croissant stuff I was just talking about can get done a lot faster and smoother without tracking flour all over the house (which has been the natural state of our apartment for the past year. Ugh). I think having the Commercial kitchen in the basement instead of sharing a space with our personal kitchen might even surpass my excitement for getting my very own craft room to replace my current craft nook.

The good news is that after the initial move in and after the shooting for the documentary is done, and after the croissant kitchen is all nice and set up in the basement, I may have time again to knit and make monsters.

Fall cleaning

Maybe it is a habit left over from all my years of returning to school in late August. Maybe it is a result of the weather finally cooling off enough to open the windows and turn off the air conditioning. Maybe it is a chain reaction from finally getting a job after 3.5 months of being mostly unemployed. Maybe it is a combination of all of that, or maybe I just got fed up with the way things have been. Whatever the reason, I can happily say that, over a year after moving into our apartment, this place is finally almost CLEAN.

Granted, part of the reason for all the clutter up until May was due to piles of temporary items: things that I would need in my college apartment. But since graduation, we have sold or otherwise gotten rid of a good chunk of said stuff, mostly by selling or giving to coworkers, neighbors, and the local Goodwill-esque shop down the street. In fact, since I snapped and started demanding that the apartment shape up, I have filled up a whole tub full of new stuff to donate.

The living room, which, after removing the spare bed and futon frame, was fairly spacious, has been re-crunched to allow for a crafting space for me to cozy up in. The coffee table and futon frame have been repurposed for another project we hope will take off soon. In the bedroom, Chu fashioned a 9 foot long banister into a closet, because there is barely even enough room for my own clothes in the real closet! (And it’s more a testament to the size of the closet than the vastness of my clothing collection.) Neglected books have been boxed up and closeted; shelves more cluttered than my mother’s kitchen catch-all drawer have been cleared off; old mail has been sorted, tossed, and filed; and we’ve managed to catch up on dishes as well.

As for actual crafty things, I’ve got a few projects going. One is just waiting for some finishing touches before I post it, another just needs some sewing up. A third one I worked on for a few hours while watching the farmer’s market booth but still eludes completion.

Whatever the delays may be, we are still trucking along, making progress of some form in our day to day lives. Progress is good.