Monsters are a matter of perception. One man’s terrifying beast could be another man’s pet. Someone could see a furry woodland creature, only to have their head bitten off with it’s razor sharp teeth once he looks away. Others still can be gurglingly repulsive but have the most charming demeanor.

That is why, with the aid of the book 365 – A Daily Creativity Journal, I plan to make 365 monsters in as many days. Only because it’s a leap year, we’ll get a bonus monster number 366!

This will be a test not only in creativity, but also in my resolve and determination to take a little time every day to do something really big over the course of a year.

One monster will be made every day for 36(6) days. Every Sunday, I will post all of the monsters created during the previous calendar week. If I feel particularly tickled by any of the monsters, they may get their own post but I don’t plan on doing this too often. The banner for each week will be placed below and linked to each week’s post. Happy Monstering!