365 Monsters Days 87-93

Day 87 – 4/15/12 – Woodburned Angel


I used my weeping angel stamp on my woodblock and then traced the lines with the wood burner pen. Granted, the ink and the burnt wood were about the same color so it’s hard to tell, but it was fun!

Day 88 – 4/16/12 – Evil Flan


Chu’s request: an evil flan.

Day 89 – 4/17/12 – Thom Monster



This monster is inspired by the works of the elusive Thom May. I miss Pihakwa.

Day 90 – 4/18/12 – Pinata Plan Monster


Day 90 said to make a pinata, and I very much want to take part in this task… But current housing situation is not ideal for papier mache and baseball bats. So I took a cue from Viva Pinata and made a confused… bird… thing.

Day 91 – 4/19/12 – Croissant Dough Monster

Croissant Dough

As I was fretting about what monster to make next, Chu called me into the kitchen where he was kneading a massive batch of croissant dough. A few strategically placed punches, and a mushed up face appears!

Day 92 – 4/20/12 – Time Monster


The prompt for day 92 suggested writing a letter to yourself, past or future, but I decided to make a monster out of time. Stepping away from Dr. Who though, I aimed for a monster emerging from a clock.

Day 93 – 4/21/12 – Nuts and Bolts

I raided the toolbox for loose hardware for this guy. How prickly!

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